Born in the Netherlands, situated in Amsterdam, graduated in fashion & branding and living his dream.

Starting a photoshop hobby at the very young age of 11, not knowing this weirdly obsession as a kid would be his future. With a few bumps in the way during his study in branding he got a clear view on fashion and commercial imagery. Thinking about suitable career paths he always came back to his passion; retouching photos. Opening his own office after graduating seemed to be the only right decision.

Ruud has over 14 years of experience in high-end retouching and complex photo manipulation working on various projects such as editorials and campaigns. His numerous clients include several prestigious photographers, creatives, brands, agencies and magazines worldwide. These brought him great insight in the world of beauty, fashion and commerce. 


R.D. Image Manipulation values high quality work with reasonable pricing, a flexible workflow and personal contact. 

Feel free to contact Ruud regarding any work related inquiries.

Shout out to the creatives for the permission to use their images on my website.